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Curriculum and Instruction


Graduate School of Education and Professional Development

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Rudy Pauley

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Mary Harris-John

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Ron Childress


Association of Christian Schools International serves the evangelical Christian community and includes preschools, elementary and secondary schools as well as postsecondary institutions. Offering a viable and authoritative voice in education and contributing to the public good, ACSI enables Christian school students worldwide to acquire wisdom, knowledge, and a biblical worldview as evidenced by a lifestyle of character, leadership, service, stewardship and worship. Core beliefs include spiritual and academic excellence while their statement of faith shows their commitment to providing assistance to the needs of Christian educators and schools (Association of Christian Schools International, 2009). The rationale of this research project was to obtain online survey data from ACSI principals to determine the extent to which ACSI Christian Schools in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky were using 21st century instructional practices and to investigate the effectiveness of these practices in facilitating student learning. Differences were investigated based on demographic data such as school size, developmental levels, state, school accreditation and the agency from which the principal received certification. The study population included 246 ACSI principals from Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. The results of this study show that ACSI Christian schools in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky are using 21st century instructional practices in their classrooms when planning and delivering classroom instruction or assessing student learning. It can also be concluded that responding principals perceived the 21st Century Instructional practices to be effective in facilitating student learning in ACSI Christian Schools in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia.


Church schools - Curricula.