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Exercise Science


College of Health Professions

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Matthew Comeau

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William Marley

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Kelli Williams


Vegetarian diets, when well-planned out, have been shown to meet the needs of female athletes. Although the lifestyle provides many benefits, it does not come without risk. Women athletes, in particular, are of the greatest concern. Energy restriction is common among female collegiate athletes. Because athletes are already converting to and practicing a vegetarian lifestyle, it is necessary that athletes and related sport professionals become aware of the risks and benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. By increasing knowledge among related personnel, athletes can use vegetarianism as a performance enhancer. Outlining possible implications of the lifestyle will allow female collegiate athletes the ability to convert to and maintain the lifestyle healthfully. The handout will provide guidelines to optimize vegetarian meal planning by eliminating risk for nutrient deficiencies and ultimately increasing sport performance.


Women athletes - Nutrition.