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Anthony Viola

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Chris Green

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Kelli Prejean


Persistence: “My Grandmother’s Eyes” and Other Memories is a collection of five essays based on the author’s life. “My Grandmother’s Eyes” depicts the difficult, but loving, communication between the author and her grandmother, who speaks Italian as a first language. “Christmas: A Journey” compares and contrasts the celebration of Christmas in the author’s Italian-American family and her celebration of Christmas as an adult. “Room in My Heart” describes the events leading up to a decision to adopt a child. “Renaming Oriental Avenue” follows three threads: the author’s relationship to the Monopoly game; the author’s study of the Japanese language and culture; and the difficulties and joys of intercultural relationships. “Four Faces of Joy” is a series of meditations in which four stressful situations are reclaimed as joyful. Themes include multiculturalism, family, Christmas, adoption, friendship, faith, and joy.


American essays - 21st century.

Families in literature.