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Health and Physical Education


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R. Daniel Martin

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Ronda Childress

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Gary McIlvain


The purpose of this research is to review the history of athletic training in the secondary schools of West Virginia, as well as to determine how appropriate the current level of athletic healthcare is for West Virginia’s secondary school athletes. Participation surveys from the WVSSAC, membership statistics from the NATA, Friday night football game reports, and documents from the WVDE were used to gather data. Since 1988 the total number of high schools with football and number of football athletes has decreased, while the total number of certified athletic trainers (ATCs) in West Virginia has increased. The number of ATCs working in West Virginia high schools sponsoring football has only minimally increased since 1991. Several reasons are proposed to explain these trends, including school consolidations, salary costs for ATCs, and lack of understanding of the value of ATCs. Future research in this area is clearly needed.


Physical education and training - West Virginia.

Physical education for children - Education (Secondary) - West Virginia.

Athletic trainers - West Virginia.

National Athletic Trainers Association.