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Marc Lindberg

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Keith Beard

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Marty Amerikaner

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April Fugett-Fuller


Two attachment-based models of depression were tested with path analysis. In the first model, it was proposed that avoidant attachments to one’s father and mother and a family milieu supporting the suppression of feelings would influence one’s attachment to partner and level of shame, making one susceptible to depression. In the second model, it was proposed that ambivalent attachments to one’s father, mother, and partner would influence one’s levels of rumination and shame, making one susceptible to depression. Data were from a previous study and consisted of 126 participants’ de-identified Beck Depression Inventory-II and Attachment and Clinical Issues Questionnaire scores. Path analyses indicated good fit for the models. All hypothesized paths were significant. These findings have important implications for the treatment of depression.


Avoidance (Psychology)

Ambivalence - Psychology.

Depression, Mental.