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Biological Sciences


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Donald C. Tarter

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Margaret Bird

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Dan K. Evans


A survey of the adult Hydropsychiclae revealed 39 species, 14 of which were state records. The adult hydropsychids were collected from various locations throughout West Virginia. The most common species Hydropsychidae were Hydropsyche morosa, H. sparna, Cheumatopsyche analis, C. campyla, and Diplectrona modesta. Most of the species did not appear to be limited to any one particular drainage basin. Several species exhibited a preference for stream order (headwaters, middlereaches, large rivers). Aphropsyche monticola, Parapsyche apicalis, Cheumatopsvche wrighti, C, gyra, and Hydropsyche alhedra preferred the fast-flowing headwater streams in the higher elevations of the state. Macrostemum zebratum, Potomyia flava, Hydropsyche phalerata, H. venularis, H. hageni, H. hoffmani, and H. leonardi preferred the larger rivers. Emergence patterns or flight periods of adult hydropsychids generally coincided with those reported in the literature. Most of the species appeared to emerge from late spring to early fall. Temporal spacing of peak emergence periods among species facilitate coexistence of many species which use the same resources (food, ecological niche)within a stream.


Caddis-flies - West Virginia.