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Educational Leadership


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Dennis M. Anderson

Second Advisor

Mary Harris-John

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Edna M. Meisel

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Luke Eric Lassiter


This descriptive study employed a survey to examine the perspectives of developmental education faculty members at public community colleges regarding instructional practices that have been identified in the literature as effective for developmental education. The study focused on two major areas related to the instructional practices surveyed: the degree to which faculty members perceive the practices to be effective and the degree to which they report they employ the practices. The entire population of West Virginia full-time faculty members teaching developmental education regularly in public community and technical colleges was surveyed with an 89.6% response rate. In addition, demographic information was collected and examined in an ex post facto design in order to determine whether there was a difference in faculty members’ perceptions of instructional practice effectiveness and the frequency of use of these practices related to subject area taught and to various other independent demographic variables. Survey items with a majority of faculty ratings above mid-scale were designated as critically important; of the eighteen identified instructional practices, sixteen were designated as critically important.


Remedial teaching.

Teaching - Standards.