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Business Administration


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Elizabeth Reusch


King’s Daughters Health System is a network of companies located in Ashland, Kentucky. The leadership of King’s Daughters employs a corporate level strategy successfully by deciding to diversify their services into similar industries. They entered the retail industry by opening King’s Daughters Home Health and selling home health furnishings and equipment. By creating King’s Daughters Medial Transport, they entered the transportation industry. Insurance sale with King’s Daughters Integrated Health Insurance is another way they diversified. Externally the environment influences King’s Daughters Health System in many ways. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are the one factor that has the most impact. This legislation places financial hurdles in King’s Daughters path. The economy as a whole has, also, had an adverse impact on the health system. This was evident with the layoffs in the past year. Internally they are financially stable, despite the economy. Achieving this was the result of cutting the expenses of the health system. This financial security provides the health system with cutting edge technology, superior marketing, and the ability to purchase supplies in bulk. The business level strategy is also strong. King’s Daughters are continually growing and acquiring market share from competitors. The result of this is that they are increasing their market power in such places as Southern Ohio and the far eastern portion of Kentucky.