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School Psychology


Graduate School of Education and Professional Development

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Sandra S. Stroebel

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Edna Meisel

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Peter Prewett


Teacher burnout is a significant problem in education today. While studies have researched the possible reasons behind it and the effect it has on students and teachers, this study proposed to investigate the correlation between teacher burnout, locus of control and job satisfaction. Surveys were sent to 102 teachers who taught kindergarten through 12th grade in two school districts in Southeastern Ohio. Of the 53 surveys that were returned, 28% of the teachers demonstrated burn out, 40% were dissatisfied with their jobs, and 20% had an external locus of control. There was a moderate correlation between the Rotter IE Scale, which measures locus of control, and the Teacher Burnout Scale. There was no significant relationship between the Rotter IE Scale and the Teacher Job Satisfaction Questionnaire.


Teacher morale.

Burn out (Psychology)