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School Psychology


Graduate School of Education and Professional Development

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First Advisor

Sandra S. Stroebel

Second Advisor

Fred Jay Krieg

Third Advisor

Edna Meisel


The present study investigates team cohesion among graduate students participating in the Marshall University Graduate College (MUGC) summer enrichment program. The purpose of the study was to use a team cohesiveness evaluation and expert ratings to determine if this evaluation is an accurate measure of team cohesiveness. A Spearman’s rho correlation showed low correlation and non-significance between the team cohesiveness evaluation survey ratings by students in a consultation class and practicum class for each week that was examined. Results also showed low correlation and no significance between the ratings of students in a consultation class and practicum class and the expert panel rankings. There was also no significant difference between using raw and weighted scores. Results indicated that the MUGC summer enrichment program should re-evaluate the use of the Team Cohesiveness Evaluation survey.


Marshall University. Graduate College. School Psychology Program - Evaluation.