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Adult and Technical Education


Graduate School of Education and Professional Development

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First Advisor

Laura Wyant

Second Advisor

Lee Olson

Third Advisor

Howard Gordon


As technology advances and job requirements change, how do business and industrial organizations know if the training they provide is actually the training their employees need? With limited training dollars, are organizations effectively targeting their training needs? How do organizations know that the training program is producing value to the organization? What methods do business and industrial organizations use to assess the training’s value? Additionally, are these organizations evaluating their training courses to determine whether they are effectively meeting the needs of their employees? This research project has addressed these types of issues and identified various methods used to conduct training needs analysis along with numerous evaluation tools utilized in business and industrial organizations by training professionals in the state of West Virginia. Results and actions taken by companies that are directly related to the use of training needs analysis and training evaluation are also included in this study.


Occupational training - West Virginia.

Training needs - Analysis.

Employees - Training of.

Employee training personnel - West Virginia.