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Physical and Applied Science


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Michael L. Little

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Ralph E. Oberly

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Ralph Taylor


One of the most complete references to date of fish species distribution in West Virginia is a 1995 book entitled “The Fishes of West Virginia” (Stauffer, et al.). In this project, geographic information systems (GIS) and relational database technology have been utilized to adapt that reference into a system where spatially arranged collection site features are related to distribution data through a series of common fields among tables in a geodatabase. The geodatabase is stored in an MDB-formatted database management system (DBMS) which is readable by Microsoft Access and useful in its own right as a means to query distribution data when there is no need for a mapping environment. A search form was built-in to assist in the most common search parameters, and results display in print-formatted reports. Much of the same search potential is achieved by loading the geodatabase into the GIS package ArcGIS®. In addition to traditional query power, the geodatabase houses the shapefile data layers used in mapping and spatial analysis. This system has been applied in a preliminary assessment to examine distribution data versus land use for four small streams under study by Marshall University.


Fishes - Geographical distribution


Fish communities - West Virginia


Spatial behavior in animals - West Virginia