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Physical Science


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Ralph E. Oberly

Second Advisor

James O. Brumfield

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R. Elwyn Bellis


Urban growth and its relationship to the transportation system of Lexington, Kentucky were investigated using temporal images of Landsat Thematic Mapper and multi-date line data. Land cover of the area was extracted using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Technologies. Change detection techniques were employed to identify areas of transformation between 1988 and 2000. Several digital image processes such as geometric registration, radiometric normalization, unsupervised classification, and accuracy assessment were applied to analyze the results. Vector analysis was utilized as well along with raster analysis to examine the effect of urban growth to the transportation system. Two datasets of line data were examined. Integration of both vector and raster analyses were implemented to interpret the urban growth. The final outcome shows that accelerated urban development had taken place in the study area and, as a result, the transportation system had developed to support the increased volume of the municipal area.


Urban transportation.

Transportation - Lexington (Ky.)

Transportation - Kentucky - Fayette County.