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Emily Greene Balch was the second American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize and worked throughout her lifetime to better the world for her fellow humans. As one who was shaped by the Progressive Movement in both character and action, she has nonetheless never received the historical spotlight given to other workers of her time such as Jane Addams. A survivor of protest against war, she has been virtually ignored despite her many activities and writings on behalf of peace, suffrage, and social reform. Even Mercedes M. Randall, who wrote the only biography of Balch, fails to fully examine her impact upon the peace movements of the 20th century. It is for this reason that this author proposes an examination of Emily Greene Balch’s work and influence that she had upon the national and international peace movements during her lifetime. Balch had great interest in the areas of social justice and suffrage but peace ultimately became the major focus of her attention. Putting Balch into perspective in the area of peace requires an intensive look at her life and work.


Balch, Emily Greene, 1867-1961.