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College of Liberal Arts

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Frederick P. Roth

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Richard Garnett

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Wendy Williams


Cultural aesthetics are the latent effects of human relations informing cognitive schemas as cultural variations of social forms in specific time-space contexts. To understand what conditions produce intra-national conflict during wartime, engagement reactivity between social control mechanisms and antiwar protesters was measured. Hypothesis-1 showed high numbers of arrests were influenced by the type and duration of protest and military presence at protest events during Vietnam, whereas place and size of protest were influential during Iraq. Hypothesis-2 showed that where and how antiwar protests occur has changed. Hypothesis-3 showed that, compared to Vietnam, Iraq antiwar protest has increased initial reactivity-intensity, has more arrests and fewer injuries, and is 541.6% larger per event, with a 248.8% greater total number of protesters. This study concludes that structural flexibility and preparedness prevent intra-national conflict, the antiwar movement has become an institution, and the cultural schema for Vietnam antiwar protest has affected its present form.


Peace movements -- United States.

Iraq War, 2003 -- Protest movements.

Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Protest movements.