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Adult and Technical Education


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Laura Jean Wyant

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Howard R. D. Gordon

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Le Vene A. Olson


In the United States and throughout the world there is a serious concern in the growing nursing shortage. Many recruitment and retention techniques are currently being used to ease the nursing shortage. One such avenue is a nurse re-entry program. The primary purpose of this study was to determine the interest for a RN re-entry program in southeastern Ohio.

The data collected during the investigation used both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Information was received through two survey questionnaires and two focus groups. The instruments were designed with the purpose of determining how many registered nurses were not working in a hospital setting and the number interested in returning to acute care through a nurse re-entry program.

The results showed a significant number of nurses (n=40) interested in returning to nursing. However, the number willing to commit to a nurse re-entry program was much less (n=13). Further research of interest in a re-entry program is suggested after definite re-entry course criteria has been established and a more expanded needs assessment by the local college is accomplished.


Nursing - Ohio.

Employment re-entry - Ohio.