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School Psychology


Graduate School of Education and Professional Development

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First Advisor

Sandra Stroebel

Second Advisor

Peter N. Prewett

Third Advisor

Conrae Lucas-Adkins


The purpose of this evaluation was to determine if the Language! Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum-Fourth Edition would have a positive impact on students’ Lexile scores. The participants included 86 sixth grade students from a rural middle school in the Mid-Atlantic region. A paired samples t-test revealed a significant difference (p < .001) between pre-test mean score 647.52 and post-test mean score 736.22. Further calculation indicated the program had a medium effect size. According to post-test scores, 12.5% more of the students were within the appropriate Lexile range making them on target with the Common Core Standards Initiative. When looking at pre and post test comparisons, students with the lost pre-test scores made the greatest gains while students with the highest pre-test scores made little or no gains.


School psychology -- Case studies.

Educational evaluation.

Language arts (Middle school) -- Ability testing.