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This paper examines the relationship between perceived communication between employees, their supervisor, and the effect of perceived communication on overall job satisfaction of the employee in an ICF/MR environment. The paper also examines the length of time in a particular job and the potential effects of time as a predictor of overall job satisfaction. Benefits and communication are also examined in an attempt to determine which of the two makes the better predictor of overall job satisfaction for employees working in an ICF/MR environment. The subjects examined came from respondents to an employee attitude survey conducted by a large provider of residential services to people with mental retardation in a rural Eastern state in the fall of 2000. The respondents came from four geographic regions within the state and comparisons between the regions were made. Differences between management and direct care employees were observed. Some differences between the two were noted with time as a predictor of overall job satisfaction and with satisfaction with supervisors.


Human services personnel -- Job satisfaction.

Mental health personnel -- Job satisfaction.

Mental retardation facilities patients -- Care.

Communication in personnel management.