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Anita Walz

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Godwin Djietror

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Kevin Law


Coal mining has a long history in the state of West Virginia and until recently mining was unregulated. Due to this history there are several legacy problems of the mining industry being dealt with today. Acid mine drainage (AMD) is one of the major legacy problems being combated today in the state. AMD is the product of oxidation in abandoned mine lands and runs into surface water. There are treatment sites all over the state to combat this problem. This thesis research looks the AMD problem in West Virginia and at the effectiveness of the treatment systems that are currently operating in the state. Data for each treatment site include treatment used, cost, load reduction of acidity, and metal load reduction. The data come from the various public and private agencies that manage that particular site. This data was used in GIS and statistical operations to show were AMD is a problem and the effectiveness, both overall and by cost, of the treatments that are being used by the state. AMD source data show that there is a widespread problem in the state that is not going away. It was found that in comparison to the other treatment types in use anoxic limestone drains, open limestone channels, and land reconstruction are the most effective for reduction of acidity and metals.


Coal mines and mining - West Virginia

Acid mine drainage - West Virginia