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Educational Leadership


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Dennis M. Anderson

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John C. Linton

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Edna Meisel

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Louis Watts


The purpose of this research was to determine what effects, if any, the 2003 and 2011 ACGME work hour rules had on medical resident satisfaction at an independent academic medical center in the United States. This research analyzed results of a survey administered by an independent academic medical center utilizing its own instrument of measure. Items reviewed to determine self-perceived satisfaction included questions related to program director effectiveness, resident input, quality of life, and satisfaction with program. Four comparisons were reviewed and analyzed for statistical significance utilizing the Mann-Whitney U non-parametric test for independent samples. The results indicated neither the 2003 or 2011 ACGME mandated work hour rules had an immediate effect on resident perceived satisfaction; however, there was a statistically significant increase in resident perceived satisfaction over a period of 10 years.


Hours of labor.

Residents (Medicine) -- Job satisfaction