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Curriculum and Instruction


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Ronald Childress

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Edna Meisel

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Louis Watts

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Elizabeth Campbell


This study sought to determine kindergarten teachers’ perceived knowledge of the informational text Common Core State Standards within the population of 185 kindergarten teachers in 15 West Virginia counties.

A four part researcher-developed survey was mailed to each participant. Subjects were also given the option of participating in a follow-up telephone interview and interviewees were asked a series of questions based on a researcher-developed interview protocol. Subjects that participated in the interviews were asked if they were willing to be observed by the researcher for 30 minutes during reading instruction and an observation checklist was used to guide the time spent in the classroom. The survey, interview protocol, and observation checklist were validated by a panel of early education experts.

In general, kindergarten teachers described their level of ability to implement the informational text Common Core State Standards as between adequate and mastery. When asked to describe the level of effectiveness of the professional development they had received, teachers responded that it was moderately effective. Statistically significant differences were found among the ability to implement the informational text Common Core State Standards and the total years of experience, as well as years of experience teaching kindergarten.

Findings from this study may help shape the types of professional development presented to teachers regarding the Common Core State Standards as well as how funding is allocated for resources related to the standards. The study will also assist teacher preparation program faculty in modifying courses that prepare pre-service teachers to teach using the Common Core State Standards.


Education -- Standards - West Virginia.

Kindergarten teachers - West Virginia.