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College of Liberal Arts

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Carrie Oeding

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Puspa Damai

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Joel Peckham


This thesis is a poetry manuscript that establishes its footing in multiple poetic traditions, particularly blank verse and free verse, in order to discuss general themes of separation, isolation, and alienation on both the personal and social fronts in an imaginative light that proves aesthetically pleasing and points the reader in the direction of solutions to these problems. While the poems of the first section generally speak to issues of both the struggle to tame language to one’s own desires and to issues of personal alienation, the poems of later sections branch out more into the world in general and take on a wider breadth of themes, such as environmental degradation, socioeconomic conditions, and the appreciation of beauty. Many of these themes have a more explicitly social nature than those of the first section.


American poetry -- 21st century.

Available for download on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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