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Curriculum and Instruction


College of Education

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Ronald B. Childress

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Sandra Bailey

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Edna Meisel

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H. Jeffrey Smith


This study examined the level of integration of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) within the population of 164 teacher preparation faculty members in 18 initial teacher preparation programs in West Virginia. A three part researcher developed survey was mailed to each dean/director for distribution to the initial teacher professional education faculty. Deans/directors were also given the option of participating in a follow up interview and were asked a series of questions based on a researcher developed interview protocol.

In general, initial teacher professional education faculty members described their level of integration of CCSS as between some and significant integration. Statistically significant differences were found for 18 of the 22 competencies and for the total level of integration when observed means were compared to means from a hypothetical normal distribution. Training was reported as the most frequent barrier/challenge by faculty members and deans/directors. Faculty members also reported training as the most needed support/resource for effective CCSS integration. Structural/programmatic changes within preparation programs were reported to have occurred in content and curriculum of courses by faculty members and deans/directors.

Findings from this study may be useful to the West Virginia Department of Education and to higher education institutions in the program approval process for initial teacher preparation programs. The study may also provide guidance for these higher education institutions and the West Virginia Department of Education concerning the types of ongoing professional development that should be offered for initial teacher professional education faculty in order to effectively integrate the CCSS.


Education -- Standards - West Virginia.

Teachers -- Training of - West Virginia.