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School Psychology


Graduate School of Education and Professional Development

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First Advisor

Sandra S. Stroebel

Second Advisor

R. Vernon Haning

Third Advisor

Stephen L. O’Keefe


Using archival data from schools in southeastern Ohio, this paper explores the idea that the GPA of students will be affected when a sibling resides in the home compared to students who do not have a sibling in the home. The study explored whether having an older sibling affects the GPA of a student more than that of a younger sibling. Finally, the study examined whether an older male sibling has an affect on the student’s GPA more than an older female sibling. The results showed that having a sibling in the home does not affect the GPA of a younger sibling and having an older versus younger sibling didn’t positively or negatively influence the GPA. Results demonstrated that gender was not a factor in influencing the GPA of the student and show that any type of sibling presence in the home doesn’t have a significant affect on the GPA.


School psychology.

Brothers and sisters -- Research.