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Japanese host clubs are a phenomenon not many people understand in America. If one looks deeper into Japanese culture while explaining the differences in similar sub-cultures hosts are identified with one will learn that a host is not a sex worker. Hosts resemble a pseudopsychologist, healer or as they refer to themselves 'chivalrous men.' To understand how Japanese hosts began, one must understand Japanese culture. Japanese people must hide who they really are while trying to become accepted among their peers. This is done by using the concepts of ninjo and giri. The rest is accomplished by honne and tatamae. A Japanese person must wear constant masks, while never reviling too much or unaccepted parts of him or her self. While this is being done they have no outlets, acceptance of mental illness or private life. This form of life can be over bearing and stressful on a person and thus they turn to private 'things' to relax.


Japan -- Social life and customs.