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Special Education


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Research Paper

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Lori Howard


Labels help to provide educational support to students who struggle academically, physically, emotionally and socially. The decision to use a label should be carefully considered due to the possibility of negative connotations regarding social relationships, personal preferences and the effects on self-esteem. The author discusses a study that examines the effects of labeling in regard to the impact on the self-esteem of students with disabilities and will scrutinizes if students with disabilities are negatively perceived by their peers. Current research of labeling, self-esteem and social disadvantage is discussed. Due to the overwhelming number of students being labeled and a lack of research concerning the self-efficacy of students with disabilities, reasons are given as to why further research should be conducted on the topic of labeling. Implications for students, parents, teachers and society are provided.


CISP 615 Special Education Research.


Special education.