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Special Education


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Research Paper

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Lori Howard


This study surveyed the attitudes of secondary teachers in a semi-rural school district in West Virginia in an attempt to gain an understanding of how teachers in the district perceived the comprehension skills of their students and the effectiveness of reading comprehension strategies and interventions currently being employed by the district and by individual teachers. The researcher developed a survey that was distributed to all the secondary schools in the district. The survey consisted of Likert Scale questions and opened ended responses. The results of the survey indicated that the participants believe that overall the comprehension skills of students in the district are adequate there is, however, a need for increased support for struggling students readers, especially students with learning disabilities. Results also indicated that most teachers believe that strategies and interventions focused on higher order thinking skills, such as summarizing and previewing, along with content specific motivational and vocabulary strategies are most effective in increasing reading comprehension skills.


CISP 615 Special Education Research.


Reading comprehension -- West Virginia.

Teachers -- Attitudes.