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School Psychology


Graduate School of Education and Professional Development

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Steve O’Keefe

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Sandra S. Stroebel

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Fred Jay Krieg


With the number of children being placed into alternative school settings growing, it is of interest to know if mental health services are a beneficial addition to the traditional alternative programs. To research this issue, case studies of 48 children who had attended an alternative school were assessed. Participants included 48 students, half of whom had received only alternative school services while the other half had received alternative school services in addition to mental health services during their alternative school placement. Findings show no significant correlation between the hours of mental health services received and any of the following variables: days back at the home school, GPA 09-10, disciplinaries 09-10, absences 09-10, or dropout 09-10. One serious implication of this evidence is the suggestion that, in this situation, the addition of mental health services to the traditional alternative school setting is not an effective means of increasing school success.


Alternative schools


Students - Mental health