Everyone Here Seems Really Nice: Lindsey Then & Other Stories

Philip Jackson Armstrong


This thesis is the start of a collection featuring humorous fiction pieces and short vignettes that emphasize themes of communication—its nature, use and misuse—and social isolation and connection. The tone within the pieces ranges from the absurd to the serious, but humor and communication are always the tying threads. From an absurdist, amateur-French erotic fantasy, to a strange night waiting on a blind date at a bar, then to a serious conversation (in a silly world) with a Taoist robot in the bowels of a mega-corporation’s imposing, bayside tower, to a narrator’s remembrance of a house-hunting drive with a former love and, finally, ending on a fictional interview with a pretentious filmmaker trying desperately to be understood, the themes will be dealt with on a personal level, resulting in fiction that is, if anything, honest.