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Kristen Lillvis

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Walter Squire

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Eric Smith


My Avatar, My Self is a project which seeks to examine cultural conceptions of the flesh-and-machine physical cyborg and to subsequently challenge these conceptions with a new idea of the cyborg: the conceptual cyborg. This thesis serves to discuss through posthuman theory what the conceptual cyborg is, how it has become a prevalent force in advanced technological societies, and what it means for human beings to be conceptual cyborgs. Beyond that, I also discuss the importance of the conceptual cyborg’s ability to be digitally embodied in virtual spaces, and this idea is expanded on through an examination of science-fiction television, video games, and even social media in relation to the conceptual cyborg. By examining contemporary cultural artifacts of the past two decades, I explain how we are all already conceptual cyborgs and how video games are able to serve as the best examples for the conceptual cyborg’s powers of digital embodiment.



Artificial intelligence.