The genus Auyantepuia González-Sponga, 1978 is confirmed as a synonym of Broteochactas Pocock, 1893 (Scorpiones: Chactidae). It was correctly synonymized with Broteochactas by Francke & Boos (1986) and listed as such by Soleglad & Fet (2003) but resurrected by Lourenço & Araújo (2004). We reconfirm that the generic name Auyantepuia, based on the type species Broteochactas scorzai Dagert, 1957 from Venezuela, is a synonym of Broteochactas, based on the type species Broteochactas nitidus Pocock, 1893 from Trinidad. All other seven “short-fingered” species from French Guiana and Brazil, classified by Lourenço & Araújo (2004) under Auyantepuia, belong to the genus Neochactas Soleglad et Fet, 2003, based on the type species Broteochactas laui Kjellesvig- Waering, 1966. Additional new information on these genera is provided, based, in part, on the analysis of type specimens of Broteochactas nitidus Pocock, 1893, B. porosus Pocock, 1900, B. gollmeri (Karsch,1879), Neochactas parvulus (Pocock, 1897), and N. granosus (Pocock, 1900).