Eight new species belonging to the genera Scorpiops and Euscorpiops (Euscorpiidae: Scorpiopinae) and Chaerilus (Chaerilidae) are described from China. These are: Scorpiops atomatus sp. n., Scorpiops langxian sp. n., Scorpiops luridus sp. n., Scorpiops pococki sp. n., Euscorpiops vachoni sp. n., Euscorpiops shidian sp. n., Euscorpiops karschi sp. n., and Chaerilus tessellatus sp. n. New records are also reported for these three genera, and the taxa are redescribed. Descriptions and redescriptions are based mainly on the material collected in Tibet Autonomous Region and Yunnan Province. Checklists and identification keys for Chinese species of the genus Chaerilus and the subfamily Scorpiopinae are provided.

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