The diagnostic characters originally established by Herbert L. Stahnke (1940a, 1940b, 1974) in his description of genus Serradigitus are studied in detail from several new perspectives. A new genus, Stahnkeus, gen. nov., is described based on the presence of inner accessory (IAD) denticles on the chelal fingers, unprecedented in family Vaejovidae. Five species of Serradigitus are transferred to Stahnkeus: Stahnkeus harbisoni (Williams, 1970), comb. nov. (=Serradigitus harbisoni); Stahnkeus deserticola (Williams, 1970), comb. nov. (=Serradigitus deserticola); Stahnkeus subtilimanus (Soleglad, 1972), comb. nov. (=Serradigitus subtilimanus); Stahnkeus allredi (Sissom et Stockwell, 1991), comb. nov. (=Serradigitus allredi); and Stahnkeus polisi (Sissom et Stockwell, 1991), comb. nov. (=Serradigitus polisi). In this revision, a new tribe, Stahnkeini, trib. nov. (= Serradigitus + Stahnkeus), is formally described based on three unambiguous synapomorphies. Issues involving the taxonomic placement of species Serradigitus baueri, S. pacificus, S. bechteli and S. littoralis are discussed.

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