Five years since its conception, “Euscorpius”, the online peer-reviewed research journal devoted to scorpion science, celebrates its 50th issue today with its 50th author, and shows no signs of aging or slowing down. We celebrate these achievements together with the colleagues and friends all around the world, since success of “Euscorpius” became possible only through collaboration, networking, and mutual support—aptly provided in the Internet environment. No other medium allows so much connectivity, rapid response, and coordination as this marvelous modern communication device. For us, “Euscorpius” in its five years became much more than a journal—it is part of our and our colleagues “home on the Internet,” a nexus and facilitator of knowledge in our field. We are very grateful to the administration of Marshall University (Huntington, West Virginia, USA) where our journal is located, for their support of this endeavor.