Luis de Armas


An annotated list of the scorpions of Puerto Rico and its satellite islands (mainly Vieques, Culebra, Caja de Muertos, Magueyes, Desecheo, and Mona), a key for the seven genera present in those insular territories, a key for the three species of Microtityus, and the basic bibliography on taxonomy and natural history are provided. Of the 16 confirmed species described from these Greater Antillean islands, four are known only from a single sex and only one or two adult specimens. Seven species (six of them from the genus Tityus), are endemic to the Puerto Rico Island; Vieques has two species, whereas Mona Island and Culebrita Island have one species each. At least two species are shared with Hispaniola, whereas one is also found in the Virgin Islands. The only introduced species is Isometrus maculatus (De Geer, 1778). The buthid Tityus dasyurus Pocock, 1897, described from “Porto Rico”, likely is not a Puerto Rican taxon.

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