Victoria Tang


The scientific (Latin) names of scorpion species are widely used across the world by both experts and amateurs. However, in China, there is a great need for designating standardized Chinese names for various scorpions since it is difficult for those not familiar with Latin alphabet to memorize the scientific names. Currently used Chinese names often cause confusion and misunderstanding due to a lack of standardized, unified naming. The present work critically revises the existing formal Chinese scorpion names, vernacular names (used by local population and amateurs), and the names used in Chinese scientific publications, along with the confusion they have caused. A general review of the etymology and types of scientific names in scorpions is also provided. A standardized rule for translating scientific names into Chinese names (exclusively for the Order Scorpiones) is established for the first time. A list of all the scientific names of the valid extant scorpion species is given, translated into Chinese along with the Latin names.