About This Journal

The Journal of Applied Digital Evidence (JADE) is published specifically for the benefit of practitioners in the fields of digital forensics, cyber security, and the law. JADE publishes peer-reviewed journal articles and whitepapers. JADE is a free, open access journal with full text available online at https://mds.marshall.edu/jade/.

JADE accommodates the rapid production and dissemination of information. Articles and whitepapers are published immediately upon final acceptance, and bundled into issues twice a year. Authors retain the copyright to their articles and are therefore free to republish them elsewhere or post them in an institutional repository. They also have the option of publishing their work under a Creative Commons license, but they are not required to do so.

Abstracting and indexing

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Publication statement

JADE is published by Marshall University’s Digital Forensics and Information Assurance program and Purdue University’s Cyber Security & Forensics Lab using the Digital Commons platform.