In house versus outsourcing: Effects of service quality and consumer satisfaction of sport centers

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The purposes of this study were to examine the difference between Facility Management Systems, in-house versus outsourcing, in service quality of sport public sport centers, as well as examine the aspects of service delivery. The sample consists of 302 sport center consumers from different regions of Hong Kong. The Chinese version of SERVQUAL was used to measure consumer expectations and perceptions on sport centers’ service quality. The participants were invited to fill out the questionnaires at the public sport centers. Findings showed that consumers’ expectations between the public and outsourced sport centers were the same. On the other hand, the outsourced Facility Management System received a higher rating of service quality perceptions from the consumers than the in-house Facility Management System in public sport centers. Moreover, females perceived outsourced Facility Management System led to higher tangible service quality perceptions than in-house but no effect on males.


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