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Transportation and Infrastructure Engineering


College of Information Technology and Engineering

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First Advisor

Dr. James Bryce

Second Advisor

Dr. Arka Chattopadhyay

Third Advisor

Dr. Gregory Michaelson


The main aim of this thesis is to explore the potential for using pavements as part of energy harvesting infrastructure. Asphalt pavements can be used for multiple purposes such as for energy harvesting, eco-friendly use of the car, and the utilization of the natural renewable resources to produce electricity and that electricity use for in-lane charging technology which helps to charge a car when it is being driven on the road. The wireless charger is set-up under the asphalt pavement, and it will produce the magnetic field. The piezoelectric material and wind turbine are the electric source for applications such as the wireless charger. The solar roadways are included in the discussion but not considered as a source in this paper due to certain limitations. The analysis of power output from the piezoelectric transducers and helical wind turbine is calculated through MATLAB simulation. The results show significant promise for deriving energy from various sources along and in a roadway.


Energy harvesting.

Solar energy.

Transportation -- Planning.