Jill Kridle

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College of Liberal Arts

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Tony Goudy

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Jim LePage

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Neil Mogge

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Stephen O’Keefe


Because of the inherent danger surrounding violence, aggression studies are particularly important for those working in a health care setting. A constant variable in aggression studies that poses many risk factors is age. This study examined characteristics of aggressors contained on state psychiatric hospital, located in West Virginia. Included on the unit was the neo-adult program and some general admission patients. The study evaluated all aggressors on the unit between September 1997 and August 1998. Comparisons were made to distinguish any possible differences or similarities between the two groups. The results indicated some differences relating to age of aggressor. Young-adult aggressors showed a higher rate of depressive disorders and personality variables. Results also showed the young-adult sample as more likely to report having an abuse history. Both mania and psychosis were more prominent with the general admission subjects, as well as having a higher income level. Similarities between the groups were also likely to be Caucasian and not have an employment history. A future study should include comparing these results to non-aggressive inpatients to show any differences.



Aggressiveness in youth.