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School Psychology


Graduate School of Education and Professional Development

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First Advisor

Fred Jay Krieg

Second Advisor

Edna Meisel

Third Advisor

Sandra Stroebel


The perception that Marshall University Graduate College produces students of school psychology that are well trained in the ability to develop a positive relationship with the parent during an eligibility committee meeting as well as in the interpretation of a psychoeducational report to parents was investigated. This study investigated the expectation levels and perceptions of parents when taking part in an eligibility committee meeting and when being explained a psychoeducational report by a school psychologist. The method of data collection included a survey developed in part from a survey used by permission that was originally created by Mac I. Barnett and published in the NY School Psychologist Volume XXII number 2. The survey was designed to collect qualitative data. Descriptive statistics were conducted to examine the level of success of the school psychologists in question. Based on those parents that responded to the survey with which the school psychological services was being measured, it was discovered that overall, parents, as consumers of school psychological services, are satisfied with the services they are receiving.


School psychologists - Training of.

Educational tests and measurements - Interpretation.