Aims & Scope

The aim of the Marshall Journal of Medicine is to provide a platform for the dissemination of high-quality research findings and scholarly discussions in the field of medicine. The journal strives to publish original research articles, review papers, case reports, and other relevant content that contribute to advancing medical knowledge and practice.

The Marshall Journal of Medicine is a peer-reviewed open-access medical journal covering a broad range of topics within the medical field, including but not limited to the following:

  • Clinical research: Investigations related to diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases, as well as studies on new therapeutic approaches, clinical trials, and outcome assessments.
  • Basic science and translational research: Studies focusing on the underlying mechanisms of diseases, molecular biology, genetics, pharmacology, and their translation into clinical applications.
  • Public health and epidemiology: Research examining the distribution, determinants, and prevention of diseases at the population level, including studies on health policies, healthcare delivery systems, and disease surveillance.
  • Medical education and ethics: Articles exploring innovative teaching methods, curriculum development, medical ethics, professionalism, and the impact of educational interventions on patient care.
  • Healthcare technology and informatics: Research on the development and evaluation of medical devices, telemedicine, electronic health records, health informatics, and their impact on healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
  • Global health: Studies addressing health disparities, healthcare access, and the impact of social, economic, and environmental factors on health outcomes, particularly in resource-limited settings.
  • Case reports and clinical observations: Descriptions of unique or rare cases, diagnostic challenges, innovative treatment approaches, and clinical experiences that contribute to medical knowledge and clinical practice.

By encompassing a wide range of topics, the Marshall Journal of Medicine aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, promote evidence-based medicine, and facilitate the exchange of ideas and insights among researchers, clinicians, educators, and policymakers.

Discovery and Digital Archiving

The Marshall Journal of Medicine  is indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and participates in industry-standard discovery and preservation tools. The journal is preserved in CLOCKSS and Portico, the two leading preservation archives that guarantee persistent access for the very long term. Articles from the journal are placed in the world’s major library catalogs and databases (OCLC Worldcat, ProQuest’s Summon, Ex Libris’s Primo, and EBSCO Discovery). Articles also receive Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) from the CrossRef organization to ensure they can always be found.