Author Credentials

Bridgette King, Mary Legenza MD, Diane Krutzler-Berry MD


ocular metastasis


Medicine and Health Sciences



Breast cancer is a globally prevalent malignancy with diverse clinical presentations.

Understanding metastatic sites like ocular tissues is vital due to their impact on prognosis and treatment strategies. Ocular metastases from breast cancer, though rare, can contribute significantly to metastatic cases. They can even serve as the first sign of advanced disease, highlighting the need for vigilance.


This study utilized a comprehensive literature review to analyze ocular metastases in breast cancer. Cases were examined for time intervals between initial diagnosis and ocular metastasis. The review also assessed manifestations during systemic progression. Methods included patient data analysis, literature synthesis, and case presentation.


The analysis showed that 40.4% of patients identified ocular metastasis as their initial sign of advanced breast cancer. Patients exhibited varying time intervals between diagnosis and ocular metastasis, underlining the unpredictable nature of progression. Furthermore, 59.5% developed ocular metastases during systemic progression. This emphasizes the importance of considering ocular symptoms for both early and advanced stages.


Breast cancer ocular metastasis presents unique challenges and requires a multidisciplinary approach. Through case presentation, we illustrated the complexity of diagnosis and treatment. Ocular symptoms, even ocular migraines, should raise suspicion of metastasis. Collaboration among specialists, along with advanced imaging and tailored therapies, is crucial for accurate staging and treatment. Continued research and multidisciplinary efforts are vital for improved patient outcomes.