Gradenigo syndrome, otitis media, multiple cranial nerve palsies


Medical Pathology | Neurosciences


Gradenigo syndrome is a very rare complication of otitis media that if left unrecognized and subsequently untreated will result in severe neurologic sequelae. Gradenigo Syndrome clinically represented by the triad of otitis media, ipsilateral, abducens nerve palsy and dysasthesia within the V1 and V2 divisions of the trigeminal nerve branches. We describe a 4 year-old patient who presented with headache, facial pain, diplopia and a recent history of upper respiratory tract symptomatology. Examination revealed an abducens palsy with subsequent magnetic resonance imaging demonstrating inflammation in the left petrous apex and along the tracts of the 6th, 7th, and 8th cranial nerves. The patient was treated with antibiotics along with myringotomy and had complete resolution of his symptoms.