Delirium is one of the most common mental illnesses that can affect elderly patients and patients with advanced medical problems. Because these patients are frequently on multiple medications and/or are more sensitive to medications secondary to their age, interactions with current medications, or existing medical problems; medication toxicity is frequently the etiology behind their delirium. This is a case report of a patient admitted for cellulitis that developed delirium from Linezolid however did not develop any other signs or symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome; a known side effect of Linezolid. This distinctive case highlights the importance of a careful analysis of a patient’s medications for potential deliriogenicity as well as the value of using a validated tool for assessing and following up a patient with suspected delirium. Specifically, this case should give clinicians warrant for suspicion of Linezolid as the cause of a patient’s delirium regardless of the presence or absence of Serotonin Syndrome.

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