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Andrea M. Lauffer, MD, Mahmoud Shorman, MD, Carl McComas, MD






We report an unusual case of E. coli meningitis in an elderly woman who presented to the emergency room with a chief complaint of intractable low back pain.

Case Description:

A 67 year old woman presented to the emergency room for a chief complaint of intractable low back pain. After admission, the patient developed delirium. Blood cultures were drawn. Patient underwent a lumbar puncture which revealed purulent cerebrospinal fluid. Results of the cerebrospinal fluid and blood cultures revealed pan-sensitive E. coli.


In the geriatric population, delayed presentation of meningitis can occur for various reasons. With the older adult population, existing co-morbidities and decline in immunologic function can mask symptoms. Clinicians caring for the elderly population need to have a high index of suspicion in the setting of subtle symptoms when it comes to diagnosing acute bacterial meningitis.

Key Words: bacteremia, meningitis, geriatric, E. Coli, clinical, cerebrospinal, cultures, delirium

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