Author Credentials

Zachary Sanford, MSIV


sex, education, ethics, opinion


Bioethics and Medical Ethics | Medical Education | Medical Humanities


Sex and sexuality are both topics of immense social and personal importance, owing their openness or constraint in large part to the society in which they are discussed. In homogenous groups it may be possible to reach firm consensus on what is, or is not, appropriate to consider a sexual norm and use an overarching set of religious or spiritual morals to reaffirm this decision. However, in western society and specifically in the United States, a theme of integration and amalgamation of wildly different cultures has presented an interesting case study in searching for common ground on basic social issues. Notable amongst these is the question of sexual education and the role of government, religion, and family in determining the way and extent to which information is presented to individuals during their formative years. However, suspiciously absent in these discussions is the role of trained medical practitioners in vetting these curricula and participating in the education process.