Author Credentials

Milad Modarresi MD Brad Gillon MD Javad Najjar Mojarrab MD, MBA Rodrigo Aguilar MD Zackary Dylan Hunter MD Matthew Steven Schade MSc Jackie Sanabria BSc Rebecca Klug MD Seth Adkins MD Juan R. Sanabria MD, MSc, FACS


Trauma Review, Injuries, Obesity, BMI


Emergency Medicine | Surgery | Trauma


Obesity has reached epidemic proportions and is now considered a chronic disease by the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the West. Its impact on trauma outcomes is of particular interest with several studies presenting conflicting information. The present overview suggests a strong association between obesity and injury severity, hospital length of stay (LOS), intensive care unit (ICU) admission, pattern of injury, rate of complications and mortality. The nature of the observations may relate to an underlying physiological state of the obese patient and its associated comorbidities with a constant heightened inflammatory state aggravated by the second hit on an injury.