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Pragya Tiwari MBBS John Hall MD Anand Rajpara MD, FAAD Daniel Aires MD Carol Stanford MD, FACP


primary cutaneous marginal zone lymphoma, cutaneous B-cell lymphoma, pcmzl, marginal zone lymphoma, intralesional corticosteroids


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Primary cutaneous marginal zone lymphoma (PCMZL) is a B cell lymphoma with a very low metastatic rate. Radiographic monitoring for internal involvement may be indicated initially. Favored treatments include radiation and excision. Radiation has high risk of local recurrence. Excision carries risk of infection and scarring. We report successful long-term treatment of recurrent PCMZL via intralesional steroid injections into new lesions as they arose. This was preferred by the patient over her prior radiation and surgical treatments. Intralesional steroids have the advantages of being simple and well tolerated, without exposure to ionizing radiation, or to the infection and scarring associated with surgery.

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