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Ibrahim Mohammed BS Cherishma Nagisetty BS Arslan Iqbal MD Michael Abdelmasseh MD Doreen Griswold MD Muhammad Omer Jamil MD Juan R. Sanabria MD


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Gastric cancer, surgical resection, HER-2 positive, chemotherapy, adenocarcinoma


Gastroenterology | Medicine and Health Sciences | Oncology | Surgery


Background. Gastric cancer has a low overall survival rate worldwide, and surgery still remains the intent to cure option on early stages of disease. HER-2 positive cancers may have a survival advantage. We present a patient with stage IV gastric cancer HER-2 positive responsive to Herceptin, free of detectable disease two years after surgery.

Patient Presentation. 70 years old Caucasian male complained of left-sided chest pain. Upon evaluation, he was diagnosed with HER-2 positive adenocarcinoma of the stomach at the pylorus with two liver metastases. Near complete response was observed with Herceptin and Cis-platinum based chemotherapy followed by 80% distal gastrectomy and liver resection with uneventful recovery. Two years follow up reported a patient living normal life with undetectable disease.

Conclusion. Multimodality targeted therapy may accomplish 24months cure of advanced malignant gastric disease.